High-End Data Security Suite Now Offered to Corporate Customers!

NewSoftwares.net Presents a Solution to Companies and Organizations Which Would Give Hackers a Run for Their Money!

​​​​​Data theft is a phenomenon which is growing rapidly each day. As the current technology is progressing, companies and organizations are relying on it to store their important data and information. This information includes the organizations' private and confidential files, their financial data, suppliers' and customers' identity and information, etc.

Although there are countless benefits of using technology, but there are several risks associated with too. If a company relies solely on technology to store its data, there is a risk that it may lose it in case of any unforeseen circumstance, such as a fire or the main system failing. This is an alarming situation for any company, and there are cases where companies have failed because they lost their data.

63% of organizations increased their IT budget to invest in technologies to prevent and/or detect breaches.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder Ponemon institute

Another problem which these companies fear is the risk that its private and confidential data may get into the hands of thieves and hackers. Hackers and thieves are always there, waiting in a dark corner, hunting for the right opportunity to present themselves, and they always make the most out of it. Companies and organizations are always on target by hackers, who search for loopholes and try to make the most out of it.

There are countless examples of companies finding their data in the hands of hackers, who then either blackmail and ask for huge amounts of money, or disclose the data to the public at large. This not only leads to terrible disgrace and loss of trust, but many a times these companies had to pay huge amounts of money as fines or as compensations to people whose data was breached along with the company's.

While most organizations have implemented firewalls and intrusion-detection systems, very few take into account the threat from the average employee that copies proprietary data for personal gain or use by another company. A common scenario is where a sales person makes a copy of the contact database for use in their next job. Since employees often spend a considerable amount of time developing contacts and confidential and copyrighted information for the company they work for, they may feel they have some right to the information and are inclined to copy and/or delete part of it when they leave the company, or misuse it while they are still in employment. 

In these circumstances, NewSoftwares.net provide companies with the ultimate solution to protect their private and confidential data. NewSoftwares.net specializes in developing products for Data Security and USB Security, Mobile Security as well as a list of other PC and cell phone applications. It focuses on providing security software to individual and corporate users. Some of its most popular security software are listed below;

Folder Lock
Folder Lock lets you password-protect files, folders and drives; encrypts your important files on-the-fly; back them up in real-time; protect portable drives; shred files & drives as well as clean history. Folder Lock allows users to make lockers which are protected with AES-256 Military Grade Encryption. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

USB Secure
USB Secure lets you password protect your USB drives, SSD drives, external drives and memory cards. Protection is PC independent and does not require installation or administrative rights on the other end. Users can unprotect their data by entering the password again. Works in all flavors of Windows.

Copy Protect
Copy Protect all types of media files like videos, audios, documents and pictures. The program converts media files into executable files that will only run in the drive which is chosen by the user. If these executables are copied to another device or drive, they will simply not run.

USB Block
USB Block prevents data theft and leakage of users’ important files, documents and source codes. It blocks unauthorized USB Drives, CD/DVD and network computers from connecting with user’s PC. Users can white-list their own external drives and devices. Whenever an unauthorized device is detected, a password prompt comes up.

Folder Protect
Folder Protect works as a savior of user’s most important files. It allows users to lock & hide their files, folders and drives and makes them delete-proof and/or write-proof. Users can also choose to run their files in stealth mode. Folder Protect also works in safe mode.

NewSoftwares.net offers options to give a single license key which would validate any number of machines in an organization. It also offers single machine keys, which would cater to individual sales. The company provides priority support to all of its corporate clients. Companies can contact NewSoftwares.net by sending an email to sales@newsoftwares.net and they are shortly contacted by a member of the NewSoftwares.net sales team.


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