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​​​​​​Folder Lock is the only software out there which provides users with AES-256 Military Grade Encryption and it is now available on the best market place online. For ease of access, ease of purchase and ease of delivery, Folder Lock is now available on Amazon.


The world today is no longer the same as it was just a few years back. As the current technology is progressing, the more people are relying on their personal computers and gadgets to store their identity as well as their personal and work data. Apart from personal use, computers are being used by companies, organizations and even governments to perform various operations ranging from electricity supply to military operations.

Now imagine if these systems get hacked by a group of hackers, who would then demand money to give back the information. This is nothing compared to the situation where important systems being used by companies, or worse, by government get hacked by some terrorist organization which would then use it for devilish purposes. Therefore, there is no doubt that to protect itself from cyber security and data security threats, the world needs to secure their computers with encryption.

Many gadget and computer companies around the world provide users with device-based encryption. This means that the encryption feature is built into these devices and users can use it to protect their data. However, this is only limited to flagship devices and computers and not all devices out there have this feature.

Considering that many governments, including the US government, oppose this type of encryption and look forward to introduce laws to remove this feature from all devices. Considering also that many companies, which include Amazon, which had previously introduced this feature in their devices are beginning to back down and are discontinuing it. This scenario clearly looks to be in the favor of hackers and terrorist organizations around the world. So the question is, how can people save themselves and their precious data from these threats?

The newest version of Folder Lock is completely compatible to Windows 10. Folder Lock is the best Data Security software out there. It provides users with AES-256 grade encryption, which is currently in use by the US Military to protect their data. Users can lock, hide and encrypt their personal files, folders and drives using Folder Lock. The software also allows users to create portable lockers, which are actually encrypted folders which can be copied on any system or drive. These Lockers do not require Folder Lock to be installed and users would need to enter the correct password to access them.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Folder Lock contains a bunch of other features, which make it all the more attractive and necessary in today’s environment. In the world, bursting with cyber-security and data security threats, Folder Lock provides users with the ultimate solution

More info : http://www.newsoftwares.net/folderlock/info/

Amazon Store : http://www.amazon.com/Folder-Lock-Security-Encryption-Download/dp/B01CFUX1KS/


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