Safeguard Your Intellectual Property With Copy Protect

Copy Protect is the most advanced plagiarism prevention tool on the market.

In a traditional sense, the term ‘theft’ is often associated with pick-pocketing or armed robbery. However, in a rapidly progressing digital age, theft no longer has to be associated with a physical entity. This is because, theft of digital information is more common compared to theft of physical objects, and the problem only seems to be growing as technology moves forward.

Accordingly, in the age of exchanging and sharing digital information, photographers, software developers, creative artists and inventors have one major concern in common, and that is plagiarism. There have been several reported and unreported cases of companies stealing patents, ideas, designs and other creative work – especially if that work comes from naive, first time artists or inventors. 

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Edward Robin, Sales Associate

One of the biggest mistakes artists or inventors make pertains to their failure to adequately safeguard their intellectual property. Whether it is software code, images, schematics, e-books or any information that could be copied and replicated – it will certainly get plagiarized.

Consequently, the software market has been flooded with copy protection tools that let users apply certain restrictions on content copying. Sadly, many copy protection tools fail to adequately safeguard information, as most of these applications don’t have dynamic constraints which can truly prevent Plagiarism.  

Nonetheless,, an organizations specialized in creating encryption software solutions has developed Copy Protect which uses several dynamic security algorithms to ensure reliable copy protection. The software can prevent illegal copying of images, videos, documents and other file formats.  The company claims that Copy Protect is the most advanced data leak prevention software for anyone looking to prevent Plagiarism of their unique ideas or creative work.  

What’s more, small and medium size businesses can also protect their company’s intellectual property with similar software called USB Block. The software is designed block and restrict access to all external sources of data leaks such CD drives, USB ports and WIFI. USB Block helps Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) prevent leak of financial data, marketing secrets, HR related data and similarly sensitive pieces of information.


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